Exam/Essay stress? Tips, advice and guides from SWML.


To all students of the Miners’ Library – welcome back!

January is usually a tense and busy time in the academic calendar. For some it involves a period of revision followed by a series of exams; for others it is the start of a new term and preparations for projects further down the line. Queries regarding study space, referencing and turnitin are all common during this time, so we thought dedicating a blog to the resources available to students for these issues would be helpful and (hopefully!) alleviate some stress.



For DACE students, the most comprehensive resource available for upcoming assignments is the STAR handbook, which can be found here. STAR (Study Tips to Achieve Results) is a guide for academic self-improvement which divides into sections like ‘Reading effectively, ‘Making Presentations’ and ‘Grammar and Punctuation’.

As well as this online resource, the Miners’ Library holds a variety of books  about planning, structuring and writing essays. Many of these can be found in the PE section of the library and include titles such as Reflective Writing (PE1014 W5423 2012), Understanding the Essay (PE1417 U54 2012) and The Student’s Writing Guide for the Arts and Social Sciences (PE1478 T38 1989). We’ve also placed a selection of these books on our display shelves next to the entrance (The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagarism, The Study Skills Handbook, etc.) so let us know if you’d like to browse or borrow any of these copies.

If any students have an exam timetable they need to access, a personalised exam timetable can be found in your student intranet under ‘Student Record’ (the intranet is accessed via your MyUni log-in).



For many, the process of submitting their essays electronically can be as stressful as the act of writing them! This needn’t be the case, as both online instructions and staff should be on hand to guide students through the process. The Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT) have helpfully provided these bilingual written instructions, along with a short instructional video here.

Study Spaces


During exam periods, study spaces are apt to get both busy and noisy. The Miners’ Library is a quieter alternative to other campus libraries because of its smaller space and secluded location. We have study areas on the ground and first floors and two PC rooms. Obviously the most exciting news of this month is that we now have a hot drinks/vending machine in the foyer, meaning a walk to the Spar will no longer be necessary for caffeine and sugar related purchases!


Student Wellbeing Service2

For students experiencing stress that is impacting on their course, Swansea University’s Wellbeing Service is a fantastic resource. The service offers advice and guidance to improve a students ‘wellbeing’, which is, according to their website:

‘the balance point between an individual’s resource pool and the challenges they face’.

Wellbeing’s services include counselling sessions, workshops and meditation groups. More information can be found here but we have also printed information sheets from well being and placed them in our foyer for students to take.

Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions on the resources raised above – and good luck!



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